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50 Years in the making

Mr Dig is an Earthmover you can count on to bring your vision to life. We provide thoughtful solutions based off each of our clients unique sets of needs. Our craft has been past down through Four Generations and in this time we have built an immensely loyal and long standing customer base. We specialise in delivering the highest quality of work throughout the Wairarapa region, check out our work and get in touch today!

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Earthmoving Specialists You Can Trust


We stick to our word and follow through with our promises- Our Name and Reputation means everything to us

Trusted Partnerships

 Our clients  are at the heart of everything we do. We have deep, longstanding business relationships spanning back over several generations, these relationships have been built on trust and an unrelenting desire to exceed our clients expectations.


 What we do, we do well- We’ve  spent over 50 years perfecting our craft



General Earthworks


Projects Portfolio

Recent Work


Section Draining & Landscaping

June, 2021

Consider this project a testament to our abilities. We managed to deliver an excellent result ahead of schedule and well under budget. We worked closely with the client and various Trades to understand the requirements & deliver a successful outcome.

Nova-Flow Drainage

April 2021

This project was an example of our commitment to stick to our promises and meet deadlines. Over 400m of 160mm nova-flow deep drainage was laid helping remove excess water from the paddock. This resulted in superior growing conditions and ultimately happier livestock.


 Driveway to House Site

December 2020

This project involved a lot of compliance measures due to various waterways that were running through the property. We needed to ensure we adhered to the relevant industry standard and engaged the right stakeholders throughout the project. The end result was a compliant site and 100% client satisfaction.

Farm Earthworks

April 2021

This job required us to level off the stock bank and smooth the surface of the paddock. The Client will now have more cultivation options available later in the year.


Tree Work, Stump Removal & Land Clearing

November 2019

This Job involved the removal of over 50 large Gum Trees. We had to be extra vigilant due to the location of the neighbouring properties. The Stumps and left over material were removed from site  and the outcome was a 100% satisfied client.


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